rexmac noun  /'rɛks-mak/
1. a code gorilla
Composition: The combination of "Rex" and "Mac" (a non-pejorative diminuitive form of McConnell)
Origin: Modern Scots-Irish and Greek hybrid
First Known Use: 1982


As a “code gorilla”, I have been writing code “in the jungle” for over 20 years and “in the zoo” for 7 years. I began as a child with various flavors of BASIC and Logo, before moving on to Visual Basic and then to more advanced languages such as C/C++ and Java. I thoroughly enjoy coding and (when necessary) debugging.

I am currently looking for remote, full-time or contract work. If you know of an exciting job opportunity in web-development, please contact me.

When I’m not coding (which is rare), I enjoy cooking, gaming, brewing beer, and traveling.


I am a polyglot, full-stack programmer. For the last several years, I have been developing efficient, scalable web apps with a focus on UX, a11y, and handsome UIs. The tree(heat)map below serves as a visual aid to my level of proficiency in programming languages and frameworks that I have used recently. I will try to keep this updated as my proficiency level is in a constant state of flux as I move from project to project or try new things.


Some of the development tools that I have experience with or use on a daily basis include:

Mobile Development

I have very limited, hobbyist-level experience developing for iOS and Android platforms, both natively and cross-platform via PhoneGap and jQuery Mobile. This is an area of software development that I have enjoyed working with in my spare time, and I look forward to advancing my skill set in this realm.

Operating Systems

I have experience in the installation, configuration, and usage of all versions of Windows, Mac OS X, and many distributions of Linux. I typically use all three OSes on a daily basis.

Web Presence